UW formalizes commitment to supplier diversity

The values of inclusion, equity and justice are central to the UW’s mission as a public university, and the fulfillment of those values is what the University’s Race & Equity Initiative seeks to achieve.

The recent passage of the Statement of Business Equity by the Board of Regents codifies these values in university policy, making it clear that business practices will be guided by a belief in inclusiveness and equity. The UW will actively engage with small businesses, women-owned businesses, and minority-owned businesses to create opportunity and transparency, while supporting the broader economy of Washington.

“I want to commend the work of the Business Diversity Steering Committee in crafting this Statement of Business Equity, as well as the Business Diversity Program for helping build connections between businesses and the University,” said President Ana Mari Cauce. “We’re a better university because of the connections they’ve built already, and will be even stronger through those they’ll create as a result of this university-wide focus.”

As a leading university in innovation, the UW remains committed to seeking out trailblazers and entrepreneurs from throughout the community, ensuring that business opportunities are open to a diverse group of suppliers. 

Read the full Statement of Business Equity.