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Buying diverse

Tips and best practices

Here are a few things to think about when planning future purchases and procurement.

  1. Proactively identify your contracting and procurement needs. Early planning and advanced notice support small and diverse firms.
  2. Review and re-review past spend data to identify general categories of goods and services your department regularly purchases
  3. Break down your spending needs by procurement type:
    • Master contracts for continuing services or supply purchases
    • Project-specific contracts or one-time purchases
    • Direct buy purchases
    • Forming workgroups or communities of practice in your department to routinely review BDE initiatives

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Support diverse businesses

You are supporting the communities the UW serves by considering a diverse supplier when planning and making purchasing decisions. When you buy diverse, UW benefits by:

  • Committing to social responsibility
  • Promoting innovation through the use of new products and services
  • Encouraging the growth of diverse businesses
  • Aiding in economic recovery
  • Helping to uplift minority communities
  • Conducting business in a progressive and competitive manner